On May 12, 1912 Walter Quinan was born in Hungerford, Texas. After his mother, Inez Quinan Pipes died in August of 1926, Walter lived with his older sister Pollie Quinan Thompson and her husband and children. Uncle Walter moved to Houston and began working for Hughes Tool Company. He lived in the Clinton Park area of Houston which is where Pollie and her family moved to in 1947. He married Hattie Lee Jackson, who died the age of 107 (9-12-1909-2017) in Los Angeles. Uncle Howard moved to Houston and stayed with Uncle Walter so that he could finish high school. Later Uncle Walter moved to Los Angeles in the 1950s and transferred to Hughes Aircraft where he worked until he retired. Uncle Walter was everyone's favorite uncle. He and Uncle Howard came to Texas every year to see their family. They took time to visit their relatives in Sugarland and Hungerford. Likewise, their relatives were welcomed to their home when they visited Los Angeles.

Hattie Lee Quinan is the wife of Walter Quinan. From Barbara Punch "I talked to Aunt Hattie Lee today, July 17, 2014. She was seemingly in her right frame of mind. She was laughing as usual. She  wasa  personwho always laughed alot. She recognized my voice, called my name, and answered questions. After Walter died, she sold their home several years later." She now lives in West Chester Villa, an Assisted Living Home in Inglewood, California. There, she gets service, play games, get hot meals and go on field trips. She is a member of Miracle Baptist Church in Los Angeles. When she was attending church,Reverend Culpepper was the Pastor. She refers to the Culpepper's daughter ashergod-daughter. She had no birth children, but a host of nieces and nephews.When Hattie Lee and Walter first married, they made their home in Clinton Park sub-division of Houston, Texas near Pollie Quinan Thompson. Hattie finished from Franklin Beauty School in Houston and worked in a hair salon on Dowling Street where she had many customers. Later, she and Walter moved to Los Angeles and purchased a duplex. She continued her beauty shop work in a shop on Central Avenue near Uncle Green until she retired. Aunt Hattie was a very fun person who loved to cook and travel. She has outlived her husband, all her sisters and brothers and her sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law.