Green Quinan was born October 16, 1906. He grew up in Hungerford and worked as a laborer in the local community. His first son, Lemiel, was born in 1927 in Hungerford. Uncle Green married Elnora Owens from Wharton in 1933. They left Hungerford and moved to Galveston where they lived for several years. Later they moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where Aunt Rosa was living. He was always willing to help his family, so he let his nieces, Stella and Marie Thompson, live with him so they could attend Langston University. His daughter, Jacqueline, was born in Tulsa in 1946. Eventually, Uncle Green relocated to Los Angeles where he worked for Boeing Aircraft until retirement. Uncle Green was the father of 4 children: Lemiel, Jacqueline, Donald and Ronald. His grandson, Ronald Quinine Jr, recalls "Green Quinine was a man of principal, character, and integrity. Most importantly, he was a God fearing man. Green Quinine worked for over 40 years at Boeing Aircraft doing mechanical and maintenance work on aircraft. He was an incredibly gifted handy-man who taught his kids and grandkids a lot of handy skills; everything from auto mechanics, air conditioning to carpentry. When Green was no longer able to attend his church of over 40 years, he still sent his children or grandchildren with his envelope to drop off his church tithes. Uncle Green lived longer than all his siblings until his death at age 99 in December 12, 2005.