Carrie (Carry) Pipes was the youngest child of Inez Quinan Pipes. Born on July 27, 1918, she was only 8 years old when her Mother Inez died. She lived with her sister Pollie and sometimes with her father, John Pipes. Carrie later had a daughter named Bessie Mae Juran-Gray. Both Carrie and Bessie Mae moved to Los Angeles in the 1950s where Bessie married Wesley Gray in 1954. Unfortunately, Carrie died on September 17,1964 in a house fire while she was asleep. Bessie who was born October 18, 1933, died April 7, 1997 in a Los Angeles Rehabilitation Hospital. Unfortunately, Bessie never recovered fully from the injuries she received from a violent attack.She was found on the side of the road on a Los Angeles highway. The police never found her attacker, nor solved the case.