In the census records of 1880, Thomas and Mary (Mollie) Quinan were married about 1870 which makes Mollie 14 years of age and Thomas 26 years of age. They had 6 children. The children were Frank born in May of 1871-April 6, 1915, Henry born in 1876, Mima born March 28, 1878 -July 22, 1963, and Celia born in May of 1880. They also had Green Quinan born in February 10, 1884 -April 13, 1961 and Alice Quinan born in May of 1887. I have been unable to determine when Thomas Quinan died. However, according to the 1900 census, Mollie Quinan was now Mollie Ray and she was a widow who had had 8 children with 6 living. Apparently, Thomas Quinan died sometime after Alice was born and Mollie had remarried to Mose Ray. She had two children for Mose Ray-Frances Ray born in August of 1895 and Annie Ray McLaughlin born on February 29, 1898-March 8, 1921. Interestingly, Frank Quinan and his siblings were all classified as mulattos in the 1880 census. I have been unable to determine what happened to Alice Quinan and Frances Ray.

Records indicate that Frank Quinan and Inez Palmer married on September 27, 1894. 

Mima Quinan married Thomas Shanklin December 14, 1899. They had 11 children.

Frank Quinan and Inez Palmer Quinan Pipes had 10 living children. Inez had one daughter with John Pipes.