Clair "Buddy"

Clair "Buddy" Quinan was born August 8, 1899 in Wharton County. After leaving Hungerford, he moved to Galveston where he worked for the Port of Galveston. He met Marie Temple who was living in Galveston and they married. Their son, Clair Vernon, was born in Galveston February 8, 1938. Uncle Buddy opened his home to other relatives. The high school nearest Hungerford in Powell's Point did not have grades 11 and 12. Therefore, Pollie's daughters, Stella and Rosa stayed with Uncle Buddy to finish grade 12. Later they moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma where Uncle Green lived to attend Langston University. Clair has many descendants through Clair Vernon who is the father of 8 children. Uncle Buddy left Galveston and moved to San Francisco where he died 7-13-80. Aunt Marie died 2-21- 1970.