Rosa Lee Quinan was born February 27, 1895. She married Porter Guess as a young woman. They had no children but they did informally adopt young boy named Jesse Robey (3-5-1914-3-15-2008). After Aunt Rosa and Porter Guess divorced, she moved to Wichita Falls, Texas. Eventually she left Wichita Falls and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. She lived in Tulsa for a time, then moved to Los Angeles where her sister Celia was living. Later she married William Jett. Jesse Robey moved to Houston and lived for a while before moving to California. When he died he was living in Alameda, California. Aunt Rosa was an expert seamstress and worked in that profession for many years before retiring. William Jett died in 1977. She loved her family and lived near her brothers Walter and Green in Los Angeles. Aunt Rosa died October 23, 1987.