Frankie "Lou"

Frankie Mae Quinan (called Lou) - was the youngest child of Frank and Inez Quinan Pipes. She was born December 12, 1914 and she was named after her father, Frank. After Inez died, when Aunt Frankie was 12 years of age, she lived with her sister Pollie for a while. Later she moved to Galveston to live with Lettie and Grant Allen until his death in December 2,1931. Aunt Frankie married Robert Waddell  who was also from Wharton, Texas on January 1,1932. Aunt Frankie and her husband eventually moved to Houston initially living in the historical Fifth Ward area. Aunt Frankie was a fun person who loved to attend the"ElderBarnes Healing Revivals." She also attended the Miracle Crusade of the famous late Kathryn Kulhman held in Houston. Aunt Frankie kept up with all of the Evangelists by listening to her radio, and later TV. In Aunt Aunt Frankie's later life, she lived next door to her sister Pollie Quinan Thompson until Aunt Frankie's death December 8, 1987. She did not have children, but she cared for some of her great nieces and nephews while their mothers worked. She was a very strong and energetic lady.