Lettie Quinan Allen Hill was born in Wharton County on July 11, 1908. She was the second longest living sibling at her death on May 19, 2004 in Las Vegas. Aunt Lettie married Grant Allen from Kendleton, Texas about 1927. Their son, Cecil Allen, was born February 24, 1928. After Inez Quinan Pipes died in August of 1926, the younger children were split up among the older siblings. Aunt Lettie and Grant Allen moved to Galveston and according to the 1930 census, Lettie, Grant, Cecil and Aunt Frankie (15) were living together in Galveston. Grant Allen died at age 27 on December 2, 1931 from tuberculosis leaving Lettie a widow at age 23. Eventually, Lettie moved to Los Angeles where Aunt Pap, Aunt Rosie, and Uncle Green were living. She subsequently married Charlie Bill Hill who died in 1954.